Vintage summer…

I like to experiment with medium format films and this time I just processed and scanned a messy roll of Kodak 400 VC-3.   Not that impressed with the results and wishing I had made notes about each shot…stupid non-digital camera.  Wait…stupid operator of non-digital camera.

I would like to preface this chaos by saying I didn’t use a light meter OR tripod for this entire roll.  So, that makes me look worse, but might make the images look better…?

Slideshow starts backwards with my model, Gill, with her newborn son.   Then we have some recent shots of the park on our street during one of those really foggy days last month.   THEN there’s a cool double exposure (total accident because the images were taken 9 months apart) of Gill & the park by our house.  The slideshow ends with Gill when she was about 4 days away from going into labour with baby from first shots in slideshow.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

But got some sweet shots nonetheless–and looking forward to buying more b&w rolls for shoots this summer!

And this is what the subject had to say about it: “You are such a good photographer, Claire. So good at making someone comfortable, so encouraging during the shoot, great directives so there’s no “uuhhhh what do I do?” moments……and then the photos turn out amazing!!!”



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