Baby Ava!

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Like a lot of times in life, things often happen in threes, or fours.  This last month I’ve booked 5 newborn shoots!  (what were you all up to nine months ago…?)

This fuzzy chick is my cousin’s first baby and does she ever carry the family genes!   See my baby photo below.  I didn’t have dimples, sadly, but I share her punk-rocker hair do genes.

Ava was quite the little model too.  She LOVED being in front of the camera and being fused over and changed into costumes; she was cooing and smiling most of the time.  What a ham.

Congratulations Alison & Peter!  She’s a total babe.

This is me when I was little and responded to the nickname ‘Punko’.  To this day my siblings call me ‘Punko’ because of how my hair stood straight up as a baby/toddler–just like Ava’s.  Must run in the family.

This is Alison and I when we were little–dipping our feet into our pool, but with unpunk-like hair.


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