Charlie & the Gang

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BABIES!  And three more next week!

It’s giving me a great time working on my lighting and set-ups for babies (and kids).   But every time I photograph a baby they become so alert, and it’s easier to work with their little bodies when they aren’t squirming.  Anyone have any suggestions on how to chill a newborn out?

At this age, they certainly are content being awake, but they don’t like keeping their little bums tucked up into the air.   Oh the dilemmas I find myself in.

Anyway, this is little Charlotte.  She too had a hard time not being stimulated by all the sights and sounds at our house.  But we got some sweet shots….and some hilarious shots of her three old siblings!

Congratulations DeWaards!


4 thoughts on “Charlie & the Gang

  1. Claire, We love the pictures. Thanks so much!! Charlotte slept all afternoon, so a very busy morning makes a very sleepy baby!!


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