Winner of the Boudoir and mini make-over Contest!

After many touching emails and deserving entries, I’d like to announce the winner:


Esther’s friend, Rashmi, wrote a very touching entry for Esther and I felt like Esther embodied the spirit in which I dreamed up this contest.

An excerpt from Rashmi’s entry:
4) Are you giving this as a gift to a loved-one, or is this just for you?

—-She IS my GIFT! She has been the best friend to me…Despite all her trials, she has always been there for me; grounded, clear, honest and empowering. She inspired the feminine and awakens Love in people all around her. She deserves to be pampered, celebrated and immortalized!

Congratulations Esther!

I’ll have more coverage of this and more to tell you about Esther as it happens.

Now, for the REST of you ladies who won my heart…

There is something for everyone.  A couple of you will receive a 50% off coupon for boudoir photos, another few 25% off and everyone else will be getting 10% off boudoir photos!   Stay tuned to your email.

Thanks to everyone who entered and who entered a loved-one.   This was much more touching and more beautiful then I could have imagined.   And if my accountant didn’t do such a good job reining me in I’d want to shoot all of you!   Right in the head.

Stay warm everyone.


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