Medium Format Film

A friend of mine recently lent me his medium format camera.  In case you’re not sure what that is, see the photo of it in the slideshow below.

Here are some shots from my experimenting with my friend’s and then my own medium-format camera.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


2 thoughts on “Medium Format Film

  1. stunning work neighbour! if you are using film, does that mean you get them developed and then scan them into your computer? I’m technically challenged!

    • Hey Johanna–thanks!
      I’m branching out…or retreating back into the branch…since I’m heading back into old-school film…???
      Anyway–I get the film processed and then I have a 120mm scanner at home that I use to create really high-quality digital files. Then I also print them at home too. But yeah, it’s essential to have them in a digital format–and creating it via scanning the negative is the best way to get there.
      It’s super fun too. If you ever come across an old medium-format camera, you should pick it up and experiment. Shouldn’t cost more than $200 for a good one. I only paid $100 and it’s decent. And film is decently priced too.

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